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Which Are The Features You Should Find Into Call Centre Software?

September 9 2020 , Written by GSN Published on #Call Centre Software, #cloud based call centre software, #Call Centre Solution Provider

Trin..trin. May I speak with someone at the human resource department?”, “May I have information about the company and services you provide?”, “Are you vacant for blah-blah position?” – Dealing with lots of calls become tedious. This could even be problematic when you are discussing the project with the client. This is why companies these days prefer to contact the call centre solution provider to handle such calls.


Stepping ahead to it – An evolution of call centre software has lined up calls and half the stress. Before software, it became hectic to schedule the calls and meet-ups with clients. Satisfying every customer that reaches to the spot became a pressure.   


But, call centre software has eliminated such situations. If you are operating a company and handling the customers, clients, colleagues, and visitors become mind-wrenching then, look at these features into call centre software before you install.

Interactive voice response 

What is IVR – Interactive Voice Response? It is the first voice customers hear after connecting you. It helps you pick up the customer calls instantly and remain active round the clock. It is a technique that interacts with the customers via DTMF keypad tones and gives a customized response to the callers. In a simple word, IVR works as a virtual receptionist. It is programmable to greet the caller with a personalized message and communicate with them in a local language.

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Skill-based routing

Routing calls depend upon the agents’ skill-set which is skill-based routing. Agents are categorized depending upon different skills like language, region, expertise, and many more. IVR interacts with the callers to understand the query. After an input given to the caller, IVR routes the call to the agent who can fulfil the caller’s requirements. It becomes an efficient technique to solve customer issues quickly.   

Call recording

The feature of call recording handles all the incoming and outgoing calls. It becomes important to monitor the quality of calls as it allows you to hear & address the agent from a distance. The call recording can help you guide new agents and it can help you leave your footprints on the business. Also, if there will remain any dispute between a customer and an agent, call recordings can help in resolving the issue. 

Call transfer facility

Through this feature, agents can transfer calls to another agent from their cell phone, without needing the strong connection. For example, if the agent could not solve the issue then, he can transfer the call to the senior person or head of the department without interrupting the call with the customer. This will reduce the waiting time and enhance the customer experience. 

Ending up!

No matter the strength of your company but, if you want to maintain the calling traffic then contact the call centre solution provider or purchase the contact centre software. A company not only require fluent communicator but also call centre software to maintain the calls. The system will minimize the efforts and boost productivity. Encourage your employees to perform the BEST with the usage of software!

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